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Ribbon Blenders :

Ribbon Blenders are mainly used for mixing thousands of raw products, like fertilizers to plastic resins and flavoured coffees to cosmetics. The ribbon blender is the most common mixing machine or devices used nowadays, because of its versatility and cost-efficiency in mixers ever created. Its simple design makes it relatively easy to manufacture, plus easy maintenance.

Selecting a ribbon blender was mainly a matter of matching your drive and ribbon design to the bulk density of your product.

Ribbon Blenders are rather more used in pharmaceutical and other such allied industries for quick (fast) and efficient blending of the raw material. The machine comprises of U-shaped horizontal trough, having a set of inner and outer helical ribbons that lead to counter-current action for perfect blending. While the outer helical ribbon moves the material from the outer end to the centre, the inner helical ribbon moves the material from the center to the outer end, thereby facilitating uniform mixing of material.

The Ribbon Blenders are ideally suited for mixing of dry and free flowing powders and blending of large volumes of dry raw solids. Our range of Ribbon Blenders is highly durable and provides years of hassle free workout

Model :

0.5 HP 100 HP  25 litter to 25,000 litter Capacity
Direct Gear Drive , Counter Gear for load reduction

Constraction :

MS - MS / SS Coating – SS Material – Jeketared
With and Without Counter Gear

Ideal For :

Pigment Colors - Minerals & Ores - Chemicals Technical Products
Dyestuffs - Fertilizer - Insecticides - Pesticides

Extra  Material Handling Screw for loading & Unloading.
HP required 2 HP 1440 Electric Motor 2 Nos.
Capacity input and out material  75 kg per one minutes

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